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Visioning Make in India way back in 2005



It was in the year of 2005, that a team of guys sitting in BITS-Pilani (a very good engineering college in India!!!) decided to start a software development company.

Out of several rounds of brainstorming, one of the guys in the group suggested that they “Build a business management platform in India and for India”. At a time when the cream of Indian students from India’s premier institutes was solely focussed on getting their passports to the US, such a suggestion was met with a huge amount of pessimism and skepticism…

One of the most commonly asked questions was “We grudgingly accept the “in India” part, but why “for India????”

The person who put forward the idea had a very simple thought process… “If it works in the US, it may or may not work in India, but if it works in India, it will surely work in the US… and how better to understand India than to sit in India and build the solution?”

Little did we know that an idea that was much ridiculed in 2005 would become the war cry of the current Indian Prime Minister as “Make in India” with its own logo. And the surprise doesn’t stop here. Little did we know that we were in the process of building a business management platform under a concept that was being made popular in the US under the term “Reverse Innovation”.

Reverse innovation refers broadly to the process whereby goods developed as inexpensive models to meet the needs of developing nations, such as battery-operated medical instruments in countries with limited infrastructure, are then repackaged as low-cost innovative goods for Western buyers.





The concept (ironically championed by an Indian Professor in the US) talks about how solutions built for the complex and challenging environments of the developing world would sufficiently handle the simpler, more organized environments of the developed world.

Today in 2017, having persisted with the dual ideologies of not only “Making in India” but also “Making for India”, today we are happy to share with you that we have built a business management platform that is not only proved itself working in India but has also started addressing the needs of more organized environments.

To all the doubters of India and the developing world, we are the testament to both the idea of “Make in India” as well as “Reverse Innovation”.

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