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Manufacturing Solutions

An ideal platform for all types of manufacturing industries.

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Vasthra (Indian Edition)

CorpusERP+ (Global Edition)

Built for Empowering your Manufacturing units

Designed to empower you to precisely plan, execute and monitor the entire production process, right from the procurement of raw materials to the receipt of finished goods.

Structured Production & Process Plannig

corpuslabs production planning
corpuslabs job card register

Structured Production & Process Plannig

Production Planning

Automatic calculation of inventory requirements and blocking of available stock for quick and easy production planning.

Production Management

Track production happening at various locations using centralized dashboards for real time tracking of various orders.

corpuslabs production plan
corpuslabs job card register
corpuslabs costing chart
corpuslabs work order register

Merchandising made easy

Integrated BOM and Costing

Integrated features for easy BOM planning along with costing to help you make costing estimates as quickly as possible.

Real-Time Productity Analysis

Track progress of each an every order at real time- Progress in completion, cost of material used and quality of output starting from day one.


Streamlining your manufacturing process

Revolutionize the way you operate with accurate planning, execution and monitoring of production processes. Be updated on material movement, resource allocation and employee activities at real time.

Line Planning

Focus on the right products and load them on to the production lines at the right time to meet deadlines and achieve the cost and profit margins planned.

Job Allocation

Plan Human Resource Allocation for timely completion of production and get real time updates on progress of the activity along with material consumption.

Material Issuing

Use automatic generated request slips for faster and accurate issuing of materials to ensure on-time completion of work as well as usage of stock as per plan.

Easy Inventory

Have total control of all types of stock; Raw Materials, WIP, Finished Goods, Accessories (TRIMs) as well as damaged, defective, shortage and scrap inventory.

Cost Monitoring

Plan the cost of production with ease and let the system track the progress on the expenses with options for real time intervention to ensure cost control.

Quality Control

Ensure that the output of the various products is up to the mark, both in terms of quantity and quality.


Our softwares are designed to satisfy every business needs.
We are available in three versions.


Small Business Version

This version is ideally suited for small manufacturers who do not have the time or personnel to have an elaborate data collection process.


Business Version

This version is suited specifically for SMEs as well as manufacturing units who have a small time window to plan, execute and complete the production process.


Enterprise Version

Faced with the need to produce within planned costs & timelines so as to beat the competition, the Enterprise Edition offers complete control of all the production areas with maximum data capture points to reach success.

There’s a plan for every size and type of retail vertical - choose the one that fits your.
Feel free to contact us for more information.
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