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Warehousing Solutions

Dedicated solution for wholesalers and distributors.

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Vasthra (Indian Edition)

CorpusERP+ (Global Edition)

Built for Faster Storage and Distribution

Typical warehouse solution designed for providing simple to elaborate control over the storage space. Our software can be deployed on both desktops and HHDs and is the ideal tool to ensure maximum space utilization as well as faster movement of inventory from and into the warehouse

Improvized Bin based Inventory Management

corpuslabs bin management
corpuslabs stock capacity

Improvized Bin based Inventory Management

BIN based Inventory Management

Create an array of BINs across racks and zones for create a map of the way you store your inventory.

Stock Capacity monitoring

Allocate BINs based on inventory types for automatic space allocation, tracking and planning.

corpuslabs bin management
corpuslabs stock capacity
corpuslabs statistical analysis
corpuslabs codification

Easy Dispatch, Efficient Monitoring

Statistical analysis

Track inventory movement using graphical reports and interfaces.

Codification and tracking

Access inventory as well as BINs using barcodes and Hand Held Devices making warehouse maintenance easy and stress-free.

The features you need

Redefining the way you use storage space

Highly proven and tested features capable of empowering supply chains by providing end-to-end control of sourcing, storage and distribution.


Plan inventory positioning and quantums based on despatch frequencies helping increase the overall efficiency of the supply chain.

Coded Tags

Use barcodes for BINs, inventory, packing slips and boxes to have seamless movement of inventory from the storage to the destination.

Work-force Management

Allot picking and storing activities to warehouse personnel and track the loading and unloading efficiences of the staff on the go.

Regulated Audit

Perform regular stock audits using Hand Held Devices in the shortest possible time frames.

Visual Layout

Create schematics of the storage space for effective categorization as storing of incoming inventory.


Extend the range of organization by having zones inside zones and racks inside zones and BINs inside racks.


Our softwares are designed to satisfy every business needs.
We are available in three versions.


Basic Version

The smallest yet quite potent member of the Vasthra Warehouse family, this edition provides all the basic features that are necessary for the functioning of a warehouse.


Business Version

The Business Edition offers the entire suite of features that are needed to operate a large warehouse who prefer to operate using non-mobility platforms.


Enterprise Version

The Enterprise is the total collection of all the features that can be offered on the Vasthra platform for effective supply chain management.

There’s a plan for every size and type of retail vertical - choose the one that fits your.
Feel free to contact us for more information.
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